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Boyd Montgomery


With over three decades of executive experience domestically and internationally, Boyd Montgomery was appointed President of Kaspar Manufacturing in 2016. Boyd earned his MBA from Harvard, Masters of Science in electrical engineering from Stanford and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Washington. Prior to Kaspar Manufacturing, Boyd offered his experiences in corporate planning and management consulting to companies such as CSX, Unocal and Constellation Energy. His experiences in leading business development, sales and marketing, operations and finance enhances our innovative and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Boyd is passionate about reading, playing golf, and traveling, but his proudest moment in life has been the ability to watch his children become successful.

Alex Gladkikh

Senior VP of Business Development

Alex Gladkikh brings extensive executive level experience to his role as Kaspar Manufacturing’s Senior VP of Business Development. Born in the former Soviet Union, Alex has worked and studied throughout Russia and the United States, providing him with a vast global knowledge of manufacturing operations. Since moving to America in 1991, Alex has held leadership positions at a multitude of established manufacturing companies, including VACCO Industries, International Paper, Bal Seal Engineering, and Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings. Equipped with a Master of Science in mechanical engineering, MBA, MPM, and a plethora of upper-level certifications, Alex is implementing his industry expertise to enhance productions at Kaspar Manufacturing.

Stephen Bindus

Director of Operations

Stephen Bindus joined the Kaspar Manufacturing team as Director of Operations in 2015 after a 20-year career in automotive aftermarket manufacturing. His experience includes a combined 15 years in the Director of Operations role, where his responsibilities involved the management of operations at numerous facilities located in both the United States and Mexico. Prior to his manufacturing profession, Stephen honed his leadership skills in the U.S. Air Force as Crew Chief for the C-5A, which is one of the largest aircrafts in the world. Born and raised in San Diego, California, he continued his education at Southern Illinois University, earning a Bachelor of Science in industrial technology.

Ann Wenske

Supply Chain Manager

Ann Wenske’s nearly 24 years of employment at Kaspar Manufacturing have exposed her to the many different facets of the manufacturing business, whether on the factory floor or in the corporate office. Her extensive knowledge and capability, as well as her success in previous positions such as production planning and information technology, have prepared her to excel in the role of Supply Chain Manager. In this current role, she is responsible for managing production control and inventory, while also presiding over shipping, purchasing and receiving for Kaspar Manufacturing. She has been married 21 years, has two children and loves to travel.

John Kovalcik

Supervisor of Die and Tool

John Kovalcik has worked at Kaspar Manufacturing for more than 40 years. Starting at the Sho-Rack welding division in 1976, John has worked his way up in the company, supervising the jig department in the ‘90s and becoming the Supervisor of Die and Tool in 2015. He has always appreciated the versatility offered in his positions due to the wide array of projects Kaspar Manufacturing develops. From weld frames and wire lengths to building new samples for the factory, there is always a new and different project to tackle. When he’s not supervising for Kaspar Manufacturing, he enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his grandchildren.

Ronnie Kresta

Supervisor of Quality Assurance

Ronnie Kresta has been with Kaspar Manufacturing since 1977. He started in the shipping department, but has been part of the Quality Control Department since its creation in 1995. Holding titles as Quality Assurance Inspector, Safety and Compliance, Cost Estimating and Inventory Control/Expeditor has well prepared him for his current role as Quality Assurance Supervisor, where he enforces the high standard expected from Kaspar Manufacturing. Yet it could be argued that he might be most proud of his title of “Grandpa.” He enjoys time with friends and family, and his days outside of Kaspar Manufacturing are spent fishing, hunting and working around the house.

Pat Benes

Supervisor of Quotes and Engineering

While Pat Benes probably could have made it as a comedian, the folks at Kaspar Manufacturing are pleased that he instead took a job on the Sho-Rack division’s production lines back in 1980. From there, he has held numerous positions at Kaspar Manufacturing, where his attention to detail and problem-solving attitude have cultivated customer’s ideas to fruition. He was raised to believe in an honest day’s work and has loyally proven this belief through his strong work ethic. When asked what he loves, Pat will top the list with his wife of 30 years, his two children and his pickup truck. When not at Kaspar Manufacturing, you’re likely to find him fighting fires as a volunteer for the Shiner Fire Department.

Dan Jalufka

Wire Forming Supervisor

Dan Jalufka began his career with Kaspar Companies in 1987 and over the past 29 years has worked his way up from a wire works factory worker to Kaspar Manufacturing's Wire Forming Supervisor. In Dan’s current role he oversees the production in the wire division, making sure materials are ordered and allocated to the right equipment and people. A hard working Texan, Dan can often be found down on the factory floor helping out wherever he may be needed. Dan’s extensive manufacturing equipment knowledge and passion for tinkering have prepared him to excel in his role. In his free time Dan enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his four grandchildren.



Our story is one that started well over 100 years ago, when August Kaspar refashioned the remnants of an old wire fence into a single corn-shuck basket. Since selling our first hand-fashioned inventions, we have developed our production offerings to include a wide range of manufacturing capabilities: engineering, wire, sheet metal, machining and finishing. We remain at the forefront of innovation through the utilization of our state-of-the-art machinery and knowledgeable craftsmen within our 40-acre manufacturing plant, spanning 550,000 square feet. Kaspar Manufacturing turns your concept into a product completely in-house at our Texas-based facility — experience the advantage of American manufacturing since 1898.


Kaspar Manufacturing, previously known as Kaspar Wire Works, has been a member of Kaspar Companies since its creation in 1898. Specializing in American-made, turnkey manufacturing, Kaspar Manufacturing began with August Kaspar’s innovative idea to transform a broken-down wire fence into a basket built to carry corn shucks. The business was born when he sold the basket to a neighbor for a dollar and recognized the important role his invention would play in the farming community. Kaspar Manufacturing has sustained itself for a century by constantly updating and growing with the metalworking needs of the time and standing firm in their principles of high-quality products and advanced design.

"We don't do cheap, sorry work."
-Don Kaspar
Third-Generation Kaspar